Happich Simichrome Polish

Happich Simichrome Polish Where to BuyHappich Simichrome Polish is the finest all metal polish in the world. Happich, a German company known for it bright metal products and accessories for companies such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and VW, developed its metal polish to be friendly for all metal surfaces. Simichrome polish has a unique, finely mixed formula produces a rich, brilliant shine on any uncoated, non-ferrous, metal surface. Simichrome is perfect for chrome, silver, brass, gold, copper, pewter, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, even Plexiglas.

In addition to restoring the original luster, Simichrome also leaves a thin, invisible, protective film which lasts much longer than other brands of polish. Simichrome polsih is a favorite for the home, industry, auto, motorcycle, antique users and more. Metal working, plastics and other industries have discovered that Simichrome is the perfect product to polish tool die molds, extrusion dies... Anywhere an ultra fine final polishing is required. Simichrome is also great for testing the authenticity of Bakelite. A small amount of Simichrome polish is rubbed on the surface of the Bakelite with a cotton swab. If the polish turns yellow, the piece is Bakelite, if it remains pink in color, the piece is not Bakelite.

Using Happich Simichrome Polish on Aluminum:

Simichrome PolishBare aluminum and alloy wheels need the most care. Aluminum wheels oxidize much faster than other types. The amount of time required to polish aluminum wheels depends on their condition. It is usually easier to polish them more often. To polish aluminum wheels, use duct tape to guard the tire from the polish staining it. The duct tape will not leave any residue on the tire, yet it will stick unlike many other types of tape. Polish the alloy wheels using Simichrome. Apply Simichrome using a soft towel or diaper. Polish in the direction of the wheel. Use moderate pressure and turn the towel often. The towel will turn black from the aluminum-polishing residue.

Simichrome Polish Tube


A terry towel may be used on severely oxidized wheels to rough them in, followed by a soft diaper to finish. When satisfied with the renovation to the wheel, wipe the majority of the excess polish from the wheel. To final polish and increase the gloss of the polished wheel, wipe the wheel with cornstarch. Cornstarch can be purchased at any supermarket. Dip the clean towel into the box and wipe the wheel thoroughly with the cornstarch. The cornstarch will absorb the excess polish from the pores of the aluminum and eliminate any streaks in the finish. To remove any cornstarch powder, use compressed air. Very severely oxidized wheels may be wet sanded with a very fine wet or dry sanding paper prior to polishing. If you are unsure about sanding aluminum wheels, it is better to consult a professional rather than risk damage to the wheel.

Using Simichrome Polish on Chrome:

Chrome plated surfaces are relatively easy to care for. With reasonable care, a chrome-plated surface will provide years of trouble free use. To remove contaminates, polish with Simichrome, wipe with a terry towel to remove any residue or streaks. A terry towel can be used due to the harder finish of chrome.

Using Simichrome on Other Metal Surfaces:

On softer materials such as brass, use Simichrome and follow the same instructions as aluminum.

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